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The primary goal in collecting personal data from your is to provide you with a seamless, efficient and personalised experience when enquiring about our photo booth services and packages. In doing so, we offer a customised service that includes features that enhance your experience and make your experience on easier and quicker. 

We use a web analytics tools to analyse visitor site usage. Google analytics allows us to report on how users arrive on our site. This indicates where the user has come from, popular landing pages and referral websites. The data is collected via a Javascript tag in the footer page of It’s not tied to personally identifiable information. operates an ‘implied consent’ policy, which means that you’re happy with how your data is used. If you are not satisfied, then you should either not use the website or block access. If you wanted to hide your visibility of browsing for single use, you could use incognito searching using ‘Google Chrome’ or ‘Private Browsing’ in Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

External web analysing through Lead Forensics collects non-personal information such as the pages you have visited and IP address. The data is used to understand aspects of our visitor demographics better. We also use data to analyse how visitors use and interact with to help us plan our content. You can find out more about Lead Forensics on their site at 

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The privacy notice has been compiled to comply with the general data protection regulation’s (GDPR’s) requirements as the Data Controller for I provide fair processing information to you regarding your data. 

The Data Controller for

Lewis Gadd

Business Owner

Telephone: 07454095251


The purpose of the processing and the lawful basis for processing;

We require your name, address and contact details at the time of booking. We use your information to keep you updated with your booking. We will issue you an invoice for billing and accounting purposes. We contact you a week before your event to confirm details and then again postevent with any further development in your booking and additional invoicing. 

Post-event we will provide you with a link to your event photo booth gallery. Alternatively, we can send you a Wetransfer link or a USB with all your images. 

Photographs taken during the event will be:

Printed for each guest to keep if this is what you have requested for in your event package. The photos and data will be put onto a fully encrypted USB stick for transfer onto a computer and saved internally. The USB and photo gallery will be password protected with access to those that the contract was made. 

Event photos will be deleted after three months unless used for marketing or promotional purposes – as agreed in when signing the terms and conditions at the time of booking. 

Your agreement to the terms and conditions given to you at the time of booking provides the lawful basis for processing the above data. 


Giving consent to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

Consent must be freely given and unambiguous. The user will have a clear message requested for them to opt in to a service that handles their data. It can be made a condition for the provision of a non-essential service. Consent is not valid if the data subject has no real choice but to give his/her consent. For example, if a participant has not agreed to share their personal data any consent presented is unlikely to be valid if the penalty for not accepting is dismissed. Consent on any of our products must also be specific and informed. The data subject must know and have understood what he/she agrees to


During an event, the data which has passed through our system has been given directly to us. By Participating, a user understands and accepts that my personal data will be sent to us, Photo Activations, in the UK and to the responsible data-controlling of the client, brand, and organisation. By participating, I also grant the company, brand or organisation the perpetual right to use any videos which are collected from this booth on their related marketing channels. 

The GIF photo booth screen will have a mandatory tick box, which consumers need to actively tick (no ticking by default) before submitting their entry.                                                           

The right to withdraw consent at any time 

If for example, you needed to cancel your booking with us, you can ask us to remove your data from our records if you wish, and we will do so. 

The Right to Lodge a Complaint with a Supervisory Authority

More information can be found here:


When completing the contract to secure your photo experience the details you provide for your event is by what services we supply. We will not ask for or store any more information than that which is essential for our provision of service. 


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